Eindhoven'sche Golf Inland Links

Amsterdam Old Course AOC Inland Links/Park

Zaanse Golf Club Polder/Park

Eindhoven'sche Golf since 1930

Eindhoven'sche Golfclub, The Netherlands, Design by Harry Shapland Colt

Road Trip to The Netherlands August 2016. Hidden Bunker.

Eindhoven'sche Golfclub, The Netherlands, 08 2016, # 5 approach und green zone. Massive surround, step right side and left tilted, elevated green designed by Harry Shapland Colt.

Perfect PAR 3, # 3 Eindhoven'sche Golf, challenging for birdies. Well performed architecture, advantages for whom who knows how to play and use golf course design elements. Ondulation, mounds, hummocks and rough 'n' roll.

Amsterdam Old Course AOC since 1935/1990

Amsterdam Old Course AOC # 7 PAR 3 good drive from Christian Ried. Flag domed that day, running off each side, guarded by greenside bunkers and a pond. Slightly tilted forwards approach zone, running up gently to the flag. Design by Colt, Alison & Morrison 1935.

Amsterdam Old Course AOC 08 2016. #3 PAR 4. Well played slice to provide a good lie. Player Christian Ried.


Old polder and expanded course with endemic agrostis green. True hidden gem.


Laura Cohen, Christian Ried, Annick Schreuder & Team, Rob Wilderom & Team in Holland. Helmut Boehmer and Staff in Germany and my Friends in Scotland.

Thank you guys for so much passion, hospitality and any kind of recommendation to create this platform for links golf and any other mentioned great locations.

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